Relationships You Can Walk Smoothly, As Long As These 5 Things You Do with Tulus

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Establishing healthy relationships and minimal fierce fighting should indeed begin with ourselves. Don't always demand your partner's perfection, but it's good if you start the good thing sincerely, the problem is he will do the same thing or not later on. Because what matters is how you can be as good as your partner. You are still far from perfection, but at least you always try to give the best for him.

Believe me, everything done with sincerity will have a good impact on you later. Aren't we always calm when doing everything with sincerity? After all, it can make unfortunately add to you. Especially if you are familiar with doing these 5 things sincerely, it is only natural that your relationship can continue smoothly.

1. You always care and put your happiness above your happiness

You never feel troubled and objected when you do things that make him happy even though you have to make up your own affairs. Especially when he really appreciates your efforts, for you it is enough to make you happy.

Indeed there is no definite benchmark for happiness, you alone can determine what you like, seeing him happy is your happiness too, as there is a special relief when you succeed in making him happy.

2. You want to always support his career and accompany him to fight without being forced

Your desire to support his dream was born because of the love you gave him, always wanting to be a part of his struggle, always there when he was exhausted and needed a shoulder to support all the fatigue he felt. You always make him confident in his career development, whatever happens, you always stay beside him.

For him, you are a big supporter that must be maintained. When he is frantic, your ears are always open to listen to his complaints, even swiping on your back and the phrase "it's okay, you can how come" from you can revive him many times over.

3. For you, he is the first person you always want to tell about what happened on your days

When your days run full of obstacles or even when you experience impressive things. He was the first person who crossed your mind and must know what was happening to you.

Not even one thing escapes your stories. Even so, but you also never want to miss all the stories about it that you have to hear every day. It's not meant to be too binding, but it is the way you communicate and grow your love every day.

4. Never demand your busy life, because you believe that your heart is his home

You also never questioned his busy life and demanded a lot from him, you are not easily nervous the whole day the news from him never comes because you already understand that he also has his own business. Believe that he will always take care of his heart for you, curbing not the way you love him.

Not only waiting for the news, with time without him, but you can also still busy yourself and make yourself useful with the activities that you do. There is no excessive fear in your mind because you are the home of his heart.

5. Try to fix your shortcomings so that he stays comfortable with you

You are well aware that even if you are far from perfect, there are still a lot of things from you that often make itself exasperating because you are upset. He who is still comfortable settling beside you, no doubt makes you silent. Precisely while he is still comfortable with you, you will not waste it and try to fix your shortcomings. That is not because he does not love your shortcomings and forces you to be what he wants to be, but you do it because of your own will so that he stays at your side.

The things above should not only be done unilaterally because surely a good partner will also prioritize each other's happiness and fix each other's shortcomings. A smooth relationship will work when you together give the best with sincerity.

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