The end of the year is coming and with it soon comes the rush to choose home decoration, buy a new clothes and especially women, think quickly about issues such as hair and makeup. So, I come with this post today, present some makeup tips for the new year. You just have to choose the one you like and rave about on  New Year's Eve. Continue reading the post to see more! 

The makeup is an essential part to give up its image. And with New Year some tones are the most requested. And here you will be inside everything and will look even more beautiful this year end. When talking about New Year's Eve, the first thing that goes through the head of many people, in a matter of makeup, are the shades of silver and gold. They are unbeatable at this time because in addition to combining with nightly events, they stand out beautifully in photos. However, in case you do not want to use any of these options the ideal is to try to match your clothes or accessories with the right shades, creating harmony in your look.

Step by Step for Makeup

The preparation of a good makeup requires different steps. Good preparation of the skin, choice of base tone, lipstick, shade, are essential at any time of year. If you wanted to know the step by step to make a good makeup, just access our other post here on the blog that you will find some makeup tips.


They say that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul. beautiful look, well designed and with an appropriate makeup, will certainly make an impact. For the end of the year, bet on gold, silver, or combine some things with accessories that you use. Also give preference to matte colors, very dark colors and full of glitter is not always a good option. Do not forget to make a good outline that will make the design of your eyes even more beautiful. We have posted here on the blog, teaching how to make a delineated kitten if you prefer. If possible, use false eyelashes, no mascara replaces good lashes. 


When talking in lipstick, the first thing that comes to mind in relation to the end of the year is the red and the nude color. They combine super with the new year because it is a time that requires a certain elegance, without demeaning who likes other colors, of course. In addition to the lipstick, you should not forget to make a good contour in the mouth with a specific pencil. In addition to giving a more beautiful mouth shape, it can help you look a bigger mouth, if that is one of your interests.

Colors for the end of the year

The golden color, bright pink and white convey an air of affection and peace. If that is your intention, bet on them. They are ideal colors for tan and tan skins, as they give a better highlight.
Makeup darker, for example, using the color brown as the shade is great for lightening the color of the eyes. In addition to also use a color eyeliner like yellow gold. Bet also in shimmering white or golden shade.

Now with these makeup tips for the end of the year, you can not go wrong. Just do it and rip it around. If you want to see other tips for the end of the year.

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