All of us women like to be always tidy and beautiful, but to feel good we have to have our hair tidy. Know that to change the look does not take great hairstyles, so little goes to the hairdresser every day to change the look. Just a simple braid, an accessory, and the hairstyle are ready and the look perfect.

You can transform the look of every day with basic and simple tricks. Here are some cool tips and do it yourself at home.

Normal coke 
Get a ponytail, take the part of the hair that is left and wrap around the back. Fasten with a clamp and your coke is ready.

Tail of 
the hair Comb the hair to get a lather, fasten the locks at any time you wish. Your ponytail is ready.

Side Braid 
You can make a side braid and give an Up in your hairstyle, if you want you can make a low coke to accompany.

coke clean Low coke is one of the most used hairstyles by women, especially by those who work. Besides being very practical and modern it leaves the woman more stylish and chic.

Semi-stuck with braids 
Separate two side strokes and make two braids, then attach to the back of the head. Use a cool accessory to attach the braids and your hairstyle will stay shown..

Half volume 
trap To do this hairstyle, comb the part to be held upside down to give volume, apply spray and hold it in half, let the fringe loose. This type of hairstyle is perfect for weddings and parties in general.

Wavy with the plank 
This hairstyle is very easy to do, you, you can separate the hair in strokes, but take care that it does not get too thick, then press the plate so that a few waves are messy. 

With the above hairstyle tips, you can vary and look beautiful every day. Make your hairstyles and tell us how it was, your opinion for us is very important.

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