Domestic Airplane Tickets Are More Expensive. Now People Choose Transit Abroad For Saving Costs

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As Long Distance Relationship (LDR) fighters and also nomads, checking airline ticket prices is a routine agenda. Especially for a long weekend because there are additional days off, that's why airplane tickets must be purchased long ago. But lately, the price of airplane tickets has jumped quite a lot. Yes, the price is much more expensive. In addition, 'cheap' airlines no longer apply free baggage. Duh, if something like this continues, the desire to go home often to meet family or go to meet a boyfriend must be reduced. Heavy at cost, man!

It turned out that uneasiness about the price of airplane tickets, domestic flights, aka the soaring domestic market was also experienced by many people. In fact, they also compare the price of airline tickets abroad which is much cheaper. If this is the case, the time to meet the family must first transit to a neighboring country to save money ~

The price of a domestic flight ticket is again expensive plus the baggage is no longer free. This year, the return agenda and domestic vacation should be reduced

Try to check the price of flight tickets from Jakarta to Banda Aceh on Tuesday or Wednesday which are usually not too expensive. The price of the flight ticket to depart is only the cheapest price of Rp. 1.6 million. That with direct flight records, don't use transit. Not only that, direct flights to other destinations such as Medan, Papua, and Batam, the price also does not make sense. It seems like homesickness must be held back

But people don't run out of mind. Seeing cheaper international flight tickets is a solution. For the sake of saving, just transit to a neighboring country

The problem is that the price of domestic flight tickets is more expensive than international flights. When going from Jakarta to Banda Aceh the ticket price is Rp. 1.6 million to Rp. 2.6 million, going from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur on the same day the ticket price is only Rp. 400 thousand. This is actually a separate solution. Compared to buying direct flight tickets, it would be cheaper to buy transit tickets in a neighboring country. So buy a transit ticket from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur and then to Banda Aceh, the ticket price is cheaper, only Rp. 700 thousand!

As a result of rising prices for domestic flight tickets, passport applications have increased especially in Banda Aceh for the purpose of transit to neighboring countries

Quoted from Kompas, it turned out that the doubling of domestic ticket prices made many people in Banda Aceh flock to make passports. It was acknowledged that most passport requests were made for reasons of transit. Flights from Banda Aceh to Java or vice versa are indeed cheaper if first transit to neighboring countries, namely Malaysia.

At this rate, young people would prefer to vacation abroad rather than explore the beauty of the country. The ticket price is not much different

The ticket price for flights from Jakarta to Banda can be used to buy tickets going and returning from Jakarta to Singapore. Even the rest, can to add excess baggage or take a walk in the destination country. At this rate, young people will be more motivated to travel abroad than to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia. It's better to go to Japan than to go to Jayapura, yet the ticket price is the same. Yes, right?

Things like this should be the concern of the parties concerned. If this continues, it could be that tourism in Indonesia decreases its demand for its own population. Don't be surprised if for example people today have visited various countries, but have not yet set foot in many areas in Indonesia. It's cheap to go abroad anyway ~

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