7 Cardio Exercises That Will Help You Straighten and Burn Excess Fat

The intention is to have skinny already, there is also the intention to exercise healthy. The intention is to bother going to the fitness center or paying an exorbitant instructor who does not exist. However, don't worry. You can also exercise at home alone without paying for fitness membership or instructors. Just cardio training!

Cardio exercises are effective at burning fat quickly and shrinking body parts such as the stomach, which are easily overweight. so it is also beneficial for health. With these 7 cardio exercises, you can also reduce your body weight easily, cheaply and just at home!

1. Start with a simple gesture that will form your triceps muscles with Arm Circle.

Before starting your cardio training session, you have to take a few steps to warm up first. This step is to avoid injuries that can occur if your body is immediately forced to exercise. Now after that you just start cardio training, start with the Arm Circle movement or twirl your arm.

The trick is easy: you only need to move your right and left foot forward alternately, while your hands are lifted up and moved around like in the picture. Do this movement for one minute every time you practice. Arm circle training can help reduce fat that makes your upper arms sag.

2. As for getting beautiful butts, you can do the following high knee skip movements

Next is a movement that can increase the strength of your calves and thighs, while releasing stubborn fat. High knee skips or jumping while pulling your knees high can provide these benefits. If you are painstaking, your buttocks can be firmer and more beautiful.

The trick is very simple: like running in a place but you need to lift your knee as high as possible. Do it for 1 minute regularly. Really easy right?

3. You can burn thigh and calf fat with the movement of Toe Touch Jack

Who wants to have beautiful legs and flexible joints? With the touch jack toe movement or the movement of touching this thumb, you can realize your desire.

The method is also easy. First stand with both legs open and both hands stretched out into the air. Then jump down while making one of your hands touch the tip of your toe in the opposite direction with the hand (eg the right-hand touches the left toe). After that, jump to stand up again and continue the same step which is touching the different toes but with the other hand.

4. Strengthen your thigh and back strength with this Squat Tap movement.

Who does not want a slim stomach and thighs? The next step in this cardio session can help you make it happen. The movement is a squat tap or tap while squatting. This movement is good for training your thighs and stomach.

The method is easy; stand upright and both hands up. After that jump down in a squatting position with your feet open as shown and touch the floor with your hands. Then return to the starting position and repeat this movement again, for 1 minute.

5. Besides effectively burning fat, the Squat Punches movement also trains your strength and agility.

Next, we come to the movement that optimizes almost all muscle movements in the body. Your calves, thighs, stomach, and arms all move dynamically. For beginners, this movement might be the most draining of your energy. But your fatigue will pay off, just calm down!

The way to stand with both feet wide open chest. Then lower your body to the squat position as shown. After that push your body up and throw your right fist to the left. Repeat this step from the start, but this time the pitcher throws a fist from your left fist to the right. This movement at a glance resembles a boxing movement, besides losing weight, this movement can indeed be used to train your dexterity in martial arts.

6. Movement of cross punches will burn fat in your upper body and make it beautiful

Beautify your upper body with a cross movement of these cross punches or fists. Cross punches are almost the same as the previous cardio movement, but this time you will throw your punch fist crossing in the opposite direction.

Stand with both feet open as wide as your chest and both hands clenched in front of your chest. Punch your left fist into your upper right corner. After that, immediately lower your body in a squat position and tuck your right head into the lower left corner. Repeat this step, but replace the fist that you punch up and down - the opposite of the direction of the fist.

7. Strengthen your core muscles and stamina by doing this pillow plank jumps.
The pillow can not only be used for sleeping and lazing, you know! You can also shrink your stomach and waist with the help of soft pillows at home. After this, maybe the pillow is no longer identical to inviting you to stretch out but always reminds you to exercise.

The trick, put a pillow on the floor and press it with your hands, straighten your legs back to form a planking position. Just positioning yourself like this is actually quite draining, you know. Next, lift one of your legs and bend your knee then push your knee in the opposite direction to your foot, for example, your left knee is pushed to the right. Align the legs in their original position and repeat this step with the other knee. Do it for 1 minute.

If you do it painstakingly and routinely, an ideal slim body is no longer impossible for you to have. If you do each movement for 1 minute you feel heavy at the start, you can do it as much or as long as you can first. Later, slowly increase the duration of the exercise according to your immune system. Do not forget this cardio exercise must be supported also by eating and living a healthy life in order to reduce your weight according to what you want.

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