3 huskies have saved a kitten from a certain death..

Rosie was a stray kitten of only 3 weeks old when she was found, but no one thought she would save it: "We did not think she would survive the night ... we tried to keep her warm and we put a ticking clock Next to her to mimic the heartbeat of a mother, but she was dull and lethargic, we decided to try the last resort: we let her pamper her by Lilo, our Husky ", the owner tells us.
"The kitten immediately went looking for milk at Lilo and Lilo miraculously turned into" mommy mode. "Lilo has been sterilized and never had puppies, but apparently motherhood is her vocation !"
Rosie knew in a short time to regain her strength and the will to live! Now there is only a small problem ... she thinks she's a dog! 

she thinks she's a dog! 

Enjoy the video where you see the first days of Rosie and Lilo together ... try not to fall in love with this!

Watch the video:

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