200+ Love Quotes on Life Romance, Love and Friendship

Evil always arises where love fails.H.Hesse
The way of love knows no distance.Suriname
Love exists because you can see the consequences.
Women's love is like wine that turns light into vinegar.
Life has to be lived with love and humor: love to understand and humor to wear it.C.Fisas
Making love is like cord jumping, you can not do that all day.Rosenstiehl
If you want love to last, you have to learn to kiss very well. Then your wife may forget that you never turn off the garbage cans.Dave (8 years)
You can also live without love, just not so good.
A life without love is not life, it is only existence.
If the heart no longer believes and hopes, then love is still the salvation.
Where there is a great love, there are always miracles.
There is only real love when you no longer want to improve each other.V.Uyen
Everyone likes a nice accent. So if you have bad luck in love, move to another country. There you are, someone, with a nice foreign accent.
Through the gate through which the suspicion comes in, love goes.England
Labor is the greatest revelation of love.Rodin
When someone insults you, you have not loved him enough.Japan
As long as you love someone because of his qualities, nothing serious is going on. But if you start to love him for his mistakes, there is love in the game.S.Guitry
If the only place where I could see you were my dreams, I would sleep forever.
To whoever loves, the beloved always seems lonely.Benjamin
No love is more sincere than the love for food.Shaw
Whoever does not regard the defects of the beloved as virtues does not love.Goethe
Make love, not war. I am married, I do both.W.van Broeckhoven
Whoever goes mad of love would sooner or later also become without love.G.Lessing
Except for the faith that flows into love, there is nothing.G.Cesbron
Happiness is love, nothing else. Who can love is happy.
You can give without loving, but you can not love without giving.A.Carmichael
One pretends that hatred and love are each other's opposite. Opposite both is indifference.J.Greshoff
Love gives wings to men, marriage keeps them in balance.A.Quinn
Love is often a fruit of marriage.Molière
Love sees sharply, hatred sharper, but jealousy sharpest, for it is equal to love plus hatred.Arabic
Pure knowledge and pure loves are one and the same.Sri Ramakrishna
Children need love, especially if they do not deserve it.HSHulbert
Many kiss the child out of love for the nanny.Wright
Life must be lived with love and humor: love to understand life and humor to endure it.C.Fisas
The pinnacle of love is yawning together.T.Westerman
Love: the l of a coward, the I of immune, thee of erect, the f of fatal, the d of animal and thee of unity.Van Den Brande
Love is like a cryptogram. Give me the solution and I do not understand anything yet.
Love is like a mountain river: sometimes it runs underground but it continues forever.
Love, would that be like finding our mothers back together?Jeroen Brouwers
Speak only of love if you know what tenderness is.L.Vandepitte
In love, one knows one another because one loves each other. In the friendship, they love each other because they know each other.Schulz
In love you can only be disappointed by yourself. If you are disappointed in the other, love is already dead.F.Auwera
Cold hands, warm love.
Love is to lend him your teeth at a restaurant when he has forgotten his own.Guy Mortier
Love is only a chemical reaction, but it is nice to look for the formula.H.Knef
Love is the only game where there can be two losers.
Love is not what keeps the world going. But love is what makes the ride worthwhile.FPJones
Unconditional love can fail, but love under conditions does not even get a chance of existence.JLMDescalzo
Love is like butter: bread is part of it.Yiddish
Love is a disease without which one does not feel well.M.Grépon
Love means an address change for the soul.C.Vigil
Your influence does not go beyond your love.
The surest way to get love is to pretend you do not need them.Glasgow Ellen
Love is friendship that has caught fire.
You can be loving with 100, naked with 10, but intimately with one.Versteylen
I want to be the sun that dries your tears.Marc Andries
You can not hide love as cough either.Erasmus
Love makes suffering lighter, suffering makes love stronger.
Love takes possession of the man through the eyes and of the woman through the ears.Poland
The absence is for love what the wind is for the fire: it extinguishes the small fire and awakens the big one.B.Rabutin
Love makes a big bed small.F.Hellers
Many get more love than they deserve. No one as much as he needs.Walschap
Rheumatism and true love are only believed when they have been contracted.Ebner-Eschenbach
Love lasts as long as the reproaches.Arabic
Love is a thing of the past.T. van Lieshout
Every real love is the history of great patience.
Love is a harsh exaggeration of the difference between one particular person and all others.GBShaw
Love is as a mother the best piece of chicken gives to father.
Love: another problem that Marx has not solved.Anouilh
In love, women always give more than they promise.L.Desnoyer
Love is a bird that sings in the hearts of women.A.Karr
Love: a game with two players in which both can win.Eva Gabor
Love is a fragrant herb.
If love is the answer, then you want to repeat the question again.Van Kooten and De Bie
Love conquers everything except poverty and toothache.Mae West
The first symptom of true love is embarrassment in a boy, daring in a girl.Victor Hugo
Love must be like a tree, with its roots deep in the earth, but with its branches stretched out to heaven.B.Russell
When you want to give love, you have only one risk: that it is answered.Molière
You have to do love with love.J.Anthierens
There is a kind of love that is so intense that jealousy does not stand a chance.La Rochefoucauld
Love is the state in which man sees things the most as they are not.Nietzsche
Love: staying awake all night with a sick child - or with a healthy adult.David Frost
The greater the love, the smaller the things you tell each other.B. Messes
Love is a fan club with only two members.Adrian Henry
Love is a bridge over the water. The other side is within reach, but the threatening water remains.Leffert Laam
Love is the only fairy tale that ends with: "Once upon a time ..."
Ah, what makes love human and weak.F.Timmermans
The only real love is the impossible love.Goethe
Keep the abyss hidden from each other. That is love.J.Green
Love is richly married and still hopes that she will live.M.Uyterhoeven
Love is like seasickness: you feel like you are dying, but others laugh at it.
Love is only sustainable if the couple loves many things together and not only from each other.WL
Love is incurable, but the only medicine against all ills.Cohen
Love consists largely of faith and hope.G.Vanden Berghe
Love is the violence of the storm and the silence of the rainbow.
Love sometimes wears faster than the sheets.
No love is resistant to absence.A.France
Many get more love than they deserve, no one as much as he needs.Walschap
If love is blind, how will she find me?
Love is for three-fourths curiosity.Casanova
Love is the victory of imagination on intelligence.Mencken
If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
True love is like a ghost: everyone talks about it and few have ever seen anything of it.La Rochefoucauld
Love looks ahead, hatred looks backward and fear his eyes from the front and from the back.MM
Choose your love and love your choice.
Love: a feeling that feels like a feeling when it feels like it has never felt that feeling.L.Verbeeck
Love is deceiving your mistress with your own wife.M.Uytterhoeven
Love is a tickle in your heart that you can not scratch.
Love is called Adam and do not want to eat ribs.Van Elst
Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to come over again?
In real love, fantasy is greater than lust.
Against the love, in most cases, still helps that old equine means: love again.Nietzsche
Love is a feeling that one feels when one feels a feeling that one has never felt before.
Love, at first sight, is ... .. time-saving.
Love is in a small corner. Too bad the earth is round.
Love is the child of freedom, never that of dominance.E.From
Love is not ... ask what time she needs to go to the hairdresser if she comes from it.
Love never comes unexpectedly - the woman always waits for it.A.Hepburn
True love and rheumatism are only truly believed when they are attacked by them.M.von Ebner-Eschenbach
The big love is the one you never had.Ustinov
It is a certain proof of love that one wants to know the children of the other, to revive.Pavese
Love makes the face beautiful.Dostoevsky
Love is strongest, which ensures the habit.M.Roelants
The test of true love is: whether you can bear the thought of cutting the toenails of your loved one.Barbelliov
Most people need more love than they deserve.Ebner Eschenbach
Love is a glass that breaks when it is approached too uncertainly or too firmly.Russia
You know that it is love if you can not fall asleep because the reality is so much more beautiful than your dreams.
Love makes a small bed big.Aafjes
True love: to be messed up with each other.Anthierens
To prove his love for her, he climbed the highest mountain, swam over the deepest river and traversed the largest desert. She left him. He was never at home.Clements
Love is not: asking what time she has to go to the hairdresser if she comes from it.
Love is rather with him than without being unhappy.
Love is like heaven but can hurt like hell.
Who has said that love is blind? She is the only one who sees sharply: she discovers beauties that others do not notice.A.Frossard
The tree of love has one branch. Never shoot a second before the first piece.
Love is temporary blindness to the charms of other women.Mastroianni
The torch of love is lit in the kitchen.France
He spoke constantly about love but left no one in his presence.Canetti
Love is: in the evening together in stereo coughing in bed.L.Verbeeck
Love: trousers full of worries, hung from the braces of love.
Love is like the moon: if it does not grow, it becomes smaller.Portugal
Love is you drinking a hangover for the sake of a cat.C.Eyckmans
"Do you think your love life would come through the film inspection?"
To write a good love letter, one must start without knowing what one wants to say and end without knowing what one has said.Rousseau
A love letter is better than the love itself.Slauerhoff
There have been so many books about love techniques lately that I fear that you will soon have to be an industrial engineer to marry.
Love behavior: one wants nothing more, the other prefers nothing.Egorie
As soon as she realizes that heartbreak is ugly, she is already half cured.Auclair
Declaration of love: I have overestimated you, but that is about treasure.H.de Backer
I'm looking for the ideal earpad - I think it's in the neighborhood of yours.Brilliant
A declaration of love is like the opening of a chess game: the consequences are incalculable.H.Sönker
Declaration of love: to say with words what one would like to say without words.Jonckheere
He: "Tell me those four words that I will not forget my life." She: "I am expecting."
Love: an address change of the soul.Vigil
For you to love, you have to learn to walk through the snow without leaving footprints.Turkey
One can love permanently but not continuously.
Loving is not just "like being allowed". It is mainly a matter of understanding.F.Sagan
When one ceases to love, one has never loved.
To understand, you have to be similar, but to love you have to differ.P.Géraldy
Someone once said: "There are two people I have never thought deeply about, that is proof that I love them."Nietzsche
Loving someone is seeing him as God wanted him.Dostoevsky
There are so many ways to love when there are moments in time.Jane Austen
To understand, you have to be similar, but to love, you have to differ.
In love all men are advanced beginners.
Pity is love in négligé.MvEbner-Eschenbach
Lovers always think that other people are blind.Spain
Love your neighbor as your car and your dog.Kadé Brown
The tongue of love lies in the eyes.Fletcher
Infidelity in love does not lift up love, but unfaithfulness in friendship proves that there was no friendship.SEVan Prague
Those who really love never grow old; one can die at an older age but one dies young,AWPinero
A cure for perfection: love.Nietzsche
Platonic love is love above the shoulders.Winslow
Love cannot come from one customer.A.Pola
When love begins to school, she will soon get a vacation.Sirius
Love goes very deep, sex only a few centimeters.Geboers
When you are at home, staying home is my hobby.Brusselmans
On our wedding day, we celebrate love, trust, camaraderie tolerance and tenacity every year. The order changes every year.PS
Love and doubt have never been on friendly terms with each other.Gibran
You can feign love, but it is impossible to feign friendship.P.Soupault
Love your enemy, it will make him mad.Eleanor Doan
Fear and love do not eat from the same dish.Spain
For friendship, time is an ally, for love a danger.Bomans
Friendship is love at the first word.H.Mullish
When a woman has to choose between love and wealth, she always chooses both.M.Achard
A woman can hide her love for four years, but her hatred and aversion is not one day.Arabia
You only love the women who make you happy.M.Achard
If you can not fulfill a woman with love for you, fill her up overflow with love for herself; all overflowing will be for you.CCColton
If no love or hatred is involved, the woman plays mediocre.Nietzsche
Those who love only love, forget the woman. And the woman does not want to be forgotten.B.Cami
The only way to understand a woman is to love her ... and then it's no longer necessary to understand her,Harris
The friendship of a woman always ends in love.John Gay
The only death is the absence of love.Barjavel
In love, women always give more than they promise.F.Desnoyers
Distrust is an ax on the tree of love.Russia
A person sees only as much as he loves.J.Ratzinger

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