"Halloween (2018)" Michael Myers What changes the new edition

"Halloween" is back - with John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis. What's new about the remake of the horror classic? – 

"Halloween (2018)" Michael Myers 

On October 25, David Gordon Green's "Halloween" will be released in German cinemas. John Carpenter, who shot the original 40 years ago (and rejected the last remakes of Rob Zombie), is the producer for the eleventh installment of the series. Also Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her role and plays once again Michael Myers victim Laurie Strode.

What's new about the new "Halloween"?

As in reality, 40 years have passed since the babysitter killings of the first "Halloween" movie (1978). All the time the killer spent in psychiatry. The new edition thus breaks with all previous sequels, in which Michael Myers continued to kill. The fact that the authors only consider the very first film this time, touches a central detail: Myers and Laurie, who had only declared the second part to siblings, are not related to each other in "Halloween (2018)".

What is "Halloween (2018)" about?

Director David Gordon Green, who is also involved in the script, lets Michael Myers escape after decades in the closed - to the delight of his former victim Laurie Strode, who has prepared for the day with an arsenal of weapons. At the ComicCon in San Diego, Jamie Lee Curtis put the reissue in the context of the #Metoo movement - as a film about a traumatized woman who frees herself from the victim role in confrontation with her tormentor after decades

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Knife murder in the second generation

That kitchen knife of the "Halloween" movies is for Jamie Lee Curtis family tradition. In 1960, her mother Janet Leigh played the woman in Hitchcock's "Psycho", who was murdered in the shower scene with a kitchen knife.

The many deaths of Michael Myers

Among the routines of the "Halloween" series is the explanation of why the killer still lives: At the end of the second part, he goes up in flames along with an exploding clinic - to awaken on his next appearance from a ten-year coma. Myers continues to kill, is shot and crashes into a mining shaft - which he rises surprisingly alive in the next movie. In "H20" (1998), Laurie kills the eternal adversary's head and mask - only to find out in "Halloween: Ressurrection" (2002) that she accidentally killed a paramedic with whom Michael had changed clothes. An error that still costs her life in the opening sequence of her own. All good reasons to skip the whole story in the new movie.

The place of horror: Haddonfield

Michael Myers Mordnacht plays in the fictional small town Haddonfield, Illinois. Debra Hill, John Carpenter's co-author and producer of "Halloween", also comes from a place of this name. Her Haddonfield, however, is real and is located in the state of New Jersey.

              No continuity in Haddonfield: the "Halloween" series –

Fractures with the logic of action have a long history in "Halloween": "Halloween II" (1981) plays the same night as the first part. From then on, the continuity shakes. After four sequels without Jamie Lee Curtis, the confrontation of Michael and Laurie is only mentioned in "Halloween H20" (1998): 20 years after the events of that time, the killer tracks her down in California, where she runs a school under a false name. "Halloween: Ressurrection" (2002) is loosely based on it and develops - under the impression of the "Blaiwitch" -Hypes - the new setting of a bloody reality show. The episodes IV (1988), V (1989) and VI (1995) stand for Michael's hunt for his niece. Two "Halloween" movies by Rob Zombie (2007, 2009) are remakes. "Halloween III" in turn has nothing to do with all this: The only "Halloween" movie without Michael Myers is about deadly horror masks. It was to be the prelude to an annual series of completed films - and flopped.



Which "Halloween" is the most successful?

Jamie Lee Curtis, who previously had only episodes in series such as "Quincy" and "Three Angels for Charlie," owes her debut film "Halloween" its success. The equation can be reversed: The films with her are the most successful in the series. In first place is the original film with a US box office record of $ 187 million, followed by "H20" with $ 108 million and "Halloween II" with $ 85 million. "Halloween: Ressurrection" makes it - after Rob Zombie's first remake - with 48 million then only in fifth place, but here dies Curtis even in the opening sequence.

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