Can I see a photo of your Halloween costume 2018?

My costume was not so much a costume, but moreso makeup. I turned myself into a freshly bitten vampire using liquid latex, makeup, fangs, and fake blood. Here is the result:

Halloween costume

You can tell that it was my first meal because I was quite a messy eater.

Halloween costume

Scary Halloween Costume Ideas 2018 – Halloween Costume Idea 2018

I was so into it that I ended up hissing at people the entire night. Of course the people I didn't like got the scary, wide eyed hiss.
I made the bites with only liquid latex and some makeup, I only used what I found at a drug store and what I had because of my poor college student status.
I first put a layer of liquid latex and made two separate circles and waited for that to dry. When that was more or less dry, I put another, this time concentrating it towards the center. When that dried I used a pen that was out of ink (toothpicks are recommended, I just didn't have any and was desperate… almost used a fork) and made holes. Afterwards, I got a NYX chubby lip liner pencil, swatched it onto my hand and then transferred it to a q-tip and put on the bites. Then I got a maroon eyeshadow and layered it over and added the finishing touches by getting the black and concentrating the application near the bottom and edges. Here's the result pre-fake blood:

Halloween costume

Of course, make sure to blend with foundation and like a true vampire only go out at night.
Thanks for reading!

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