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Halloween SMS: Warm blessing SMS

11, I wish Halloween night, big house over the pros and cons scream from the chicken skin, surprised with the living dead flies, enjoy carnival, bless you, bless people around the world, Happy Halloween ah!
12. Ajie walked through the cemetery and was afraid to hear the knock. When I saw a person touching the tombstone, I asked, "What are you doing?" The man said: "They made my tombstone wrong." I wish you a happy Halloween!
13, you tease, you tease, you are really funny; people are thinner than cucumbers, no three or two flesh; skin is thicker than the city wall, bullets can not penetrate; learn to turn the bucket, turn into the pit. Haha, I wish you a happy Halloween!
14, emergency reminder, a new type of mobile phone virus transmission method: the mobile phone country to celebrate the spread of the language to spread, for your health, after receiving the greetings, be sure to soak the phone in the disinfectant for one hour before use!!
15, to drink strong tea, until insipid wine to be drunk, never to wake up, people want a deep love of the next life then love, pork to fresh, Hey! Take the phone only trotters pretty good.
16. No matter what you will see tonight... Remember not to yell because he will stay with you all the time. Haha! Happy Halloween!
17. I have been admiring you for a long time. From the first day I saw you, I decided not to marry you. Do you know? I am so lonely in the underworld...
18, don't think that I forgot you, for example, today - Halloween, the first thing I think of is you, because you are relatives with ghosts! I wish you a happy holiday!
19, Dear, I have always wanted to worship Sun Wukong as a teacher to learn to demon, so that I can protect you on Halloween, what monsters and monsters come over!
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