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Halloween SMS: More ghosts in Halloween

1. When I look at your ghosts I know that you must have ghosts in your heart, otherwise how can you say to me ghostly: "No... Sugar... It�s another Halloween, I wish You are happy, calculate our sugar, don't be a ghost.
2. Do you miss me? I miss you. Then I will come to see you this evening. Please wear a red sweater and red high heels. I'll see you at 12:00 on time, the pro- love is. Happy Halloween!
3, I think you want to get itchy mind, I see you smiling, see you spend branches in the breeze, I had the impulse of desire. I ate you, I feel bad, don't eat you, I am so sad! Pro, Halloween is here, let the clever ghost help me bite you, to compensate for my miss you!
4, screaming screaming 1: Halloween is here; screaming 2: Going out to see the ghosts; screaming 3: The ghost asks you to eat sugar; screaming 4: The phone texting ringing, the ghost sends you Come to SMS, I wish you a happy Halloween.
5, Wan Mo Qi out, all are laughing and joking; Wanhua Qi open, blossoming is auspicious; Wan Jian Qi launch, branches are all good things. Halloween. Fun all day. Bless you, colorful, flamboyant, flamboyant, and confusing.
6, Halloween came, the birds are hiding in the tree , the dog hiding in bed, cat hiding, except the pig, still on the streets scurrying! Kid accidentally caught, playing tired Rest! Happy Halloween, joy is unlimited!
7, the spirit of the spirit, the spirit of the earth, the gods are not the spirit of the most spirit. People who are willing to receive text messages will invite me to dinner on Halloween, otherwise the ghosts will be angry and bear the consequences. Amitabha, God bless, Amen!
8, Halloween, not the same festival, no longer a person, let us make a ghost! Hold your ghost hand, look at your ghost eyes, pull out my ghost mobile phone , send a ghost message, wish you a Halloween Ghosts are just as happy!
9. There are many ghosts in Halloween. It is a ghost that is difficult to recognize. Whether you are a person or a ghost, today you are happy. Don't mess with bad things, be careful of Zhong Rong and Yu Wang. Wishing friends a happy Halloween!
10, cold nights, cold streets, lonely souls, lonely ghosts, floating aimlessly, are you equally boring? I call them to come to you in the dark, come and party together! Wish you Halloween Have fun!

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