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Legend has it that tonight, the ghosts are not scattered, the dead light is now, the ghosts are turning around! May the ghosts hear my call, come to your bed at night, pale face, green eyes, dry hands touching your face, generation I will say to you: Good night.
I heard today is Halloween Halloween ah, Dance Macabre on the street, I remember early return home ah, shut the doors and windows before going to sleep good!
Warm reminder: Today is Halloween, it is best to call out nicknames. So as not to be called by "that", be called not to turn back, when not heard. Don't shoot someone's head and shoulders. Otherwise it is easy to get on the upper body.
Today is the Halloween Ghost Festival. In the most "haunted" night of the year, all kinds of monsters and ghosts have been dispatched, so be extra careful! Don't go out at night!
Remember what day is it today? Think about it... your holiday... Happy Halloween!
Hello, my name is Yingzi, I have lived under your bed for three years. Three years ago, a big fire burned me alive, and my head was burnt, so it hurts. Now my black shoes are still in your cupboard, I am going to take it, you have to pay me back...
You don't know me, I don't know you, but I have been living under your bed for a few months. I am so dead. Please hand me your body to the police!
Forgot to tell you, a student on the first floor of your building died last night. The cause of death is unknown, but from the expression of the body, it is scared to death. It is said that she is going out to find a substitute tonight, you have to be careful...
Hello, my name is Xiaoqian. I put my money under the guise of your bed, and I don't believe you open it. The money is round yellow, and there is a square in the center. You take out the money and leave it, that is what I sent it to you. You look at the square empty look, and you can see me laughing at you.
You don't feel like you have something under your pillow that is uncomfortable? There is a bloody dead man under your pillow. Don't believe it, you still have your name on it.
I am a soul, I died in the basement of your bedroom building. I was dismembered last year. I climbed up every night. Can you come and pull me? I am at your bed.
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