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Halloween SMS: Halloween Night

� Pro- love , and I always wanted to worship the Monkey King as a teacher learned Xiang Yao addition to the strange, so allow me to protect you on Halloween, what ghosts and goblins, all put the horse up!

� Think you may be afraid to see you, maybe you are what corner quietly watching me, I want to touch your chin that do not face the eggs , ah, Ghosts!

� Pig small pig stomach sub-convex convex, rough feet also face toot, a mouth there is no feed, pig pig now? Halloween night asthma whirring.

� Don't answer the phone in the middle of the night..................Be careful! Today is Halloween!

� Away from Satan: As long as you have righteous thoughts, even if Satan is by your side, he can't take you...

� Are you ready for a happy mood? On Halloween night, we go to the carnival, forget the troubles in our hearts, and let the heart be released in the communication.

� A blessing represents a heart, a heart represents a gift, a gift is the amulet I sent you, Halloween night, even if you are alone, you don't have to be afraid of ghosts.

� I don't want to say, I am lonely, I don't want to say, I am very lonely, because today is Halloween, you and I should come up with a carnival mood to face life.

� On Halloween night, pick up the pumpkin lantern in your hand , illuminate the black melancholy, wear your happy mask, and welcome the joy that should belong to you. Funny message

� Special reminder: On the night of Halloween, the company launched, I am happy than the ghosts and have a prize contest, think that happy comrades can write text messages: Happy Halloween, sent to friends.

I miss you very much, I am afraid to see you, maybe you are watching me silently in which corner of the world, I want to touch your face without chin, ah, it is a ghost of Halloween! Happy holidays!

� Don't think that I forgot you, for example, today - Halloween, the first thing I think of is you, because you are relatives with ghosts! I wish you a happy holiday!

� Street waving a beautiful, road lights should look a look; two beautiful street waving, pro one wants to rise; three beautiful street waving the earth brakes go back. Haha, I wish you happiness!

� Gloomy castle, the roof is hung with a string moon, the bat flutters through the night... At this time, the doorbell is ringing, don't be afraid, prepare your sugar forbidden!
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