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Halloween SMS: Halloween Horror SMS

Alert: If you receive a text message with the words "Happy Halloween", please soak your phone right away , because this text message has been cursed by a ghost, for your heart health, please do it quickly!
Urgent reminder: Recently, a new type of mobile phone virus has been popularized and spread by SMS Halloween greetings. For your health, after receiving the greetings, be sure to soak your phone in the disinfectant for one hour before using it!
Tonight is a carnival night. If there is a black robes in front of you, if there are white monsters hiding behind you, don't be afraid, as long as you keep in mind that my blessing will make him appear in the original shape, I wish you a happy Halloween!
Halloween Story: Happy Ghost ride the wind came, happy ghosts from Mercedes-Benz, BMW ghost from health, from the Audi Le Gavroche, nerdy electric motorcycle comes, you got left a "ghost mill" has not arrived yet, deft point!
I want to send you a big pumpkin on Halloween night . I am afraid that the road is too far away. I have to send a simple text message to you. I have deep thoughts and blessings. I hope you will have a good carnival and happiness!
On Halloween Eve, I arranged the ghosts, happy ghosts and happy ghosts have already reported, sad ghosts, lonely ghosts have been away from you, and my text message with lucky ghosts to drive your poor ghosts, please do well Prepared mind!
On Halloween, you will be busy for your tomorrow 's costume ball, specially invited for you, happy ghosts, peaceful ghosts and happy ghosts, as long as you come to the ball, you will be happy, healthy and safe, happy and sweet for a lifetime!
On the eve of Halloween, send you three characters to help you drop the demon wrath: send you a peace sign, may you be healthy and safe in your life! Send you a lucky charm, may you be lucky in your life! Send you a lucky charm, may you be happy in your life happy!
Halloween is a ghost festival, all ghosts should be careful to be careful, I will give you a gift to collect the security, personally store safe, first send auspicious amulet, then send the demon to the magic mirror, and then send away the ghosts and strange swords, I hope your holiday is safer!
On the occasion of Halloween, there is no need to panic, no need to go to the warehouse, I have privately found two bodyguards for you: happy ghosts and happy ghosts; they will dispel the sorrowful ghosts and many other bad guys for you, hope for Halloween peace of mind!
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