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Halloween SMS: 2016 Halloween Funny SMS

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1. My ghost friend, what are you doing? Halloween is here, lit a pumpkin lantern, put on a ghost mask, wandering in the upper reaches of the street! Happiness belongs to you, joy belongs to you, happy Halloween!
2. Today is Halloween, Ghost Festival, I wish you a chance to go out and meet the "ghost" people, make money and have ghost ideas, careers on the "ghost" road, mood like a happy ghost, hello, kid! Happy Halloween!
3. My little devil, send you a mask, let you go to the carnival tonight; my little devil, I want to dress up as a lich, use magic to make us happy forever. Hey la la la la, my little devil, I am with you on Halloween, oh yeah yeah, my little devil, I wish you a happy Halloween!
4. Halloween is here, although it is a ghost festival, but you don't want to be a ghost, not a ghost, I sincerely wish you a happy day like a ghost, relax yourself!
5. There is a ghost. He is not scary or harmful on Halloween. He only likes to watch a text message with a mobile phone . You see that the ghost is reading a text message. Did you find it? Happy Halloween!
6. Halloween, one step and one ghost, no ghosts and ghosts, everyone is sneaky, everyone is arrogant, everyone is suspicious, everyone is out of ghosts, everyone is a ghost, everyone is a ghost, in this ghost In the days, there is only one person, I wish you a happy Halloween.
7. There are so many western festivals, the cows, the ghosts, the gods and the gods, the Chinese learn very fast, the wolf plays the sheep and laughs, the life is Halloween, all the joys and sorrows. I wish you all a good mood in Halloween!
8. Usually go out to play ghosts, Halloween people play ghosts, whether it is ghosts or people, as long as happiness is happy. Halloween, people, ghosts, demon, have come out to celebrate, why are you still not moving? Whether you are a ghost, give me a happy!
9. Long time no see, Halloween is here. I hope that you can carry forward the spirit of Halloween: lively and chic, playful, crazy, and laugh haha! Happy Halloween, blessings with you for a lifetime.
10. Halloween "Ghost Hunting" game: This ghost is a ghost-like, screaming, sneaking, and sneaking, if you catch him, you will be able to exorcise evil spirits, Happy Halloween!
11. It is said that there is a ghost in Halloween night. Now I teach you a way to ward off evil spirits. First, make your hair fluffy, put on a long white dress, then whiten your face, then say the spell: I am a ghost, I am afraid Who!
12. Use a knock on the door to seduce your smile ; use a ghost mask to brighten your face; use a squash lantern to illuminate your mood; sweeten your life with a fruit candy. Happy Halloween, it�s you! I hope you will be open!
13. Dress up a demonic demonic, wear a strange costume . Ghosts see the little devils, and welcome to take out the candy. The gift of the demon escapes, and the family laughs safely. Halloween, I hope you can give the best to the devil, a safe and auspicious life!
14. Going out of the house and being afraid of the ghosts, it is difficult to escape. Remove the ghost face and laugh, the original friend has arrived. The sound of blessings surrounds you, and you are covered with deep affection. Send candy to your heart and wish you a sweet life. Halloween is here, I wish you happiness!
15. Friends ascend to worship, and pray for the undead to send grief. Take the chrysanthemums in hand and take auspiciousness. I wish my friends and relatives are well-being, and enjoy the happiness every month. Halloween friends: home and everything, happy village!
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