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Halloween Game: Killer Game

Game overview:

This is a game of exercise expression, judgment, observation, thinking and performance... Everyone who has ever participated in the game will be deeply attracted to it. The basis of the game is mutual honesty and trust, as well as the seriousness of the game.

Game features:

1. Easy to learn: Anyone who just understands the rules or watches someone play a game will play it.

2. Strong participation: As long as you take seriously the role played, whether it is an old friend or a new friend who meets for the first time, it will immediately "kill" into one.

Game environment:

Indoors and outdoors, it is best to sit together. The light is darker and the effect is better.

Game characters:

Judge: The person who controls the progress of the game. Make sure everyone's identity is absolutely fair.

Killer: Hidden in the middle of good people during the day; killing people in the dark. After being killed, there is no last word and no more speeches.

Good people: Grab the bad guys with everyone during the day; close your eyes in the dark, completely ignorant of the killer's murder; have no words after being killed, and then no longer speak.

game rules:

Take 9 people as an example

1. According to the number of people, 9 cards are prepared. According to different colors, 1 judge, 2 killers and 6 good people are prepared in advance.

2. Each person takes a card and clarifies his identity. Do not let anyone know except the judge.

3. The judge announced that everyone closed their eyes and the killer blinked and knew each other.

4. The judge knows who is the killer and announces that the killer closes his eyes and everyone blinks.

5, the following began to express their opinions, in order according to the order of the seats, correct each other, find out the bad guys.

6. After everyone has finished speaking, the person who has been accused the most has an opportunity to defend himself.

7. After the defense is completed, everyone raises their hands and decides whether to execute the person. The man survived without more than half. (9)

8. If the vote is over halfway, the judge will announce the show, so that everyone can clearly catch a killer or kill a good person. If you kill a good person, you have the last words, and the killer has no words.

9. The judge announced that it was dark, everyone closed their eyes and the killer came out to kill. The killers use their eyes to communicate with each other, unify the targets of killing, and use their eyes to tell the judge who to kill.

10. Close the eyes after killing the killer, everyone blinks. The judge announced which good man was killed. The victim�s last words.

11. Continue a new round of discussions. Because everyone has spoken, and some people have been corrected and killed, so the clues will be more and more... The thinking will be more active and the discussion will be more intense.

12, so repeat, until the good guys will grab all the killers, then the good guys win; if the good guys are all killed, the killer wins.
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