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Halloween Game: Halloween Interactive Game

1. Rabbit dance, first of all, to promote the active atmosphere of the audience.

2, Halloween activities - play pumpkin. The pumpkin head floated in the air, knocking him down, smiling...

3, blowing flour

This is a whole game, and it can be two people at the same time.

Props: the right amount of flour, one ping pong wave, one more spoon

How to play: First find out the two players (such as the loser or winner of the previous game, tell them that they won the game without penalty / prize), standing face to face on both sides of a table. Put the table tennis ball on the spoon and put it in the middle of the two people. They want them to blow their eyes to the table tennis ball. If they can blow the ball to the opposite side, they will win.

After they were blind, they quickly changed the table tennis into flour, one or two, blowing...

4, the name of the game - I blow me blowing my blow

Rule: Each group will send 2 people to participate, blow the balloons up and down, and write a word on each balloon in turn - Wan, Sheng, Festival, Fast, Music, the first four or the progress in the specified time. The quick side wins and the game time is one minute.

5, heart and soul, I came to guess than you

Props: Game titles (can be idioms or words with performance)

Participants: a group of two, can participate in multiple groups

The rules of the game: a group of two people who start the performance of the game must face to face (one person is planning the performance, one is the guesser), then the host will write the idiom or words to be performed on a piece of paper, let the performer To the guesser, when the performer finishes, the guesser can guess the idiom or words of the performer's action, even if it passes. (Note: the actor can use the language to explain, but can't say the word in action ) (Difficulty, no pervass, Jinji independence, dog jumps on the wall, looking east, nowhere, no eyebrows, a smile, a chest, a chicken, a low-pitched voice).
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