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Halloween Game: A Game for Halloween

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First, stick the eyes to the pumpkin:

The player blindfolded his eyes and turned three times outside the white line, then headed on the opposite direction of the blackboard to put an eye on the pumpkin on the blackboard. The whole process is blindfolded.

Second, the pirates grab the pumpkin:

Players bring eye masks, blast a balloon with the fastest speed, and grab the big pumpkin to the designated place, say another: Happy Halloween!

Third, blowing pumpkin balls:

The host must prepare eight cups of the same height. Each cup should be filled with water and placed vertically. Every four cups are arranged in a row. A table tennis ball is placed in the first cup of each row. Participants are required to blow table tennis from the first cup to the other, blowing one by one, not jumping. If the table tennis ball falls, you will not be awarded. If you blow it all at once, pass it. Two people at a time.

Fourth, double top balloon relay:

Participants are in groups of two, and they can only use the face to stick to the balloon from one end to the other. If the balloon falls, they will come back. After reaching the finish line, they must say Trick or treat!
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