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Halloween Game: Bar Halloween Masquerade

Event theme: Bar Halloween Masquerade

Purpose of the event: to enhance the market awareness of the bar

Activity time: October 30, 2011

Activity slogan: screaming Halloween

Event promotion:

Bar touch

Screaming Halloween October 30th 31st

Bar, xx first novel Halloween masquerade, perfect sound, dazzling lights, bloody angels, alternative scenes, creepy performances, enough to make you crazy. What are you waiting for? Ok! Come on! Let's create fear together, because fear makes us more beautiful!

Use your actions to challenge your guts and vent your uneasiness with screams, just on Halloween night, at the Prince Bar, let us be together! Horror!

On the night of the event, you can make free makeup for the friends who participate in the event, as well as a wealth of elf masks and fashion gifts for free.

Note: Heart disease, high blood pressure, psychological vulnerability, and anti-terrorism are strictly prohibited. Admission is at your own risk.

Horror hotline:

Screaming address:���������

1. Printed DM flyers with 5,000 sheets, pop posters for 10 photos, and x display racks for 18 frames, which were promoted in the store and in outreach units (mainly in cool colors and company purple);

2. Targeted mobile phone SMS promotion;

3. Do a good job of the website promotion page of this event in advance.

Event site layout:

1. 300 face masks (issued to guests)

2. 200 wing masks (issued to guests)

3, pumpkin lanterns 10 (field decoration)

4, 5 heads (field decoration)

5, 8 spiders (field decoration)

6, 5 black cloaks (2+1 in the door, 2 security guards on the stage)

7, 1 set of axe big knife props (security on both sides of the stage)

8, 100 whole props (snake, insect, mouse,) (hidden in the deck and color)

9. One bottle of red, black, white and make-up pigments (for facial makeup)

Activity notes:

TV screen, stage background, live music, lighting effects highlight the Halloween theme;

Male and female singers and dance ds must match the festive atmosphere from dress to performance;

All staff at the bar must perform simple holiday makeup and styling;

The promotion of this event must be done in advance, practically and effectively;

All departments must strictly implement all the processes of this activity plan.

Activity operation process:

1. This activity plan must be finalized by October 14 (the planning department is responsible)

2. All advertising promotional drawings must be completed by October 18th (responsible for the artist)

3. The advertising propaganda carrier must be completed and marketed before the 22nd (external responsibility)

4. Items required for the event site layout must be placed in the warehouse before 25th (purchasing responsibility)

5. The music, lighting and background must be prepared before October 28th (the entertainment department is responsible)

6. On October 29th, text message promotion (responsible for the customer service department)

7. The bar site layout will be started at noon on October 30 (the engineering department is responsible)

8. The stage program process is responsible for the early implementation of the entertainment director.
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