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How to make Halloween costumes?

Halloween is coming soon. In this fun-filled festival, the children are naturally the protagonists of joy. Are you tired of Halloween costumes hanging out on major shopping websites If you are smart enough, come and do your own DIY Halloween costumeHow to make Halloween costumes for children? Here is a simple production method, let's learn it!
Steps to make Halloween costumes:
The first is to make a terrible mask:
1. Look for a paper tote bag, A3 white paper is attached to the inside, the hardness and softness of the tote bag are very good, and the mask is not easy to be bad;
2, draw a contour: the position of the eyes, nose mouth;
3. Cut the eyes out of the two holes and paint the mouth red;
4. Cut two pointed teeth with white paper and stick them on your mouth;
5. Draw a pattern of horror and disgust on the mask ;
6. Find two small holes on both sides of the eye, and remove the rope from the hand strap and put it on the hole.
7, black cloth with tea box inside the packaging made of cloth, because it is not black, so with black cloth dyed black ink, you must use a black cloth, was a terrorist. Then use a needle to sew onto the paper.
The easiest is the kind of drifting ghost, a white sheet cuts two holes.
It is also a little devil, a headband sticking two small red ears, a red big scarf to make a cloak.
Use paper to draw a long-horned, bloody monster mask.
Halloween is to dress up blame, in fact, as long as you prepare more solid paper, let them draw their own, wear it on it.
Finally, don't forget to prepare ketchup. Ketchup can be used for blood. Since it is a horrible Halloween, it is natural to decorate your Halloween costume with a horrible atmosphere.
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