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Happy Halloween (Happy Halloween)

Every November 1st is the traditional "Ghost Festival" of the West - Halloween. Today is October 31st, it is the eve of Halloween, usually called Halloween. 

After watching the drama at York University in the morning, I saw another Jas concert in the afternoon. I hurried back to the dormitory, and after dinner, I quickly joined the Halloween celebration team. 
Whenever Halloween arrives, the children can't wait to put on colorful costumes, wear strange masks, carry a house of "Jack Lights" and ask the adults for a holiday gift. The most well-known symbols of Halloween are exactly the same � the singular �Jack Lights� and the �Performance Magic or Candy� pranks. 
There are many versions of the legend about the origin of Halloween. The most common belief is that it originated from the ancient Western countries before the birth of Christ, mainly including Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These ancient Westerners are called Druids. Druid's New Year on November 1st, New Year's Eve, Druids let young people gather, wear all sorts of weird masks, squatting carved radish lights (squash lanterns, late customs, ancient Western Europe There were no pumpkins at the earliest, they wandered between the villages. At that time, it was actually a celebration of autumn harvest; it was also said to be "Ghost Festival". It is said that people who died in the past, the soul will visit the world on the eve of Halloween. It is said that people should let the visiting ghosts see the complete harvest and present the ghosts. A generous hospitality. All the bonfires and lights are used to scare away the ghosts, and at the same time illuminate the route for the ghosts and guide them back. 
Halloween is a good time for children to have fun. In the eyes of the children, it is a festival full of mystery. As night fell, the children couldn't wait to put on colorful costumes, put on strange masks, and put on a "Jack Light" to go out to play. The "Jack Light" looks very cute. The practice is to hollow out the pumpkin, with a smiley eyes and a big mouth on it, then put a candle in the melon and ignite it. People can see it far away. This embarrassing smile.
After cleaning up, a group of children dressed as devils and ghosts carried a "Jack Light" and ran to the neighbor's house, shouting intimidatingly: "Trick or treat" ("Prank or treat", "Give money or give food" of"). If adults don't use candy and change to treat them, those naughty children will say: OK, you don't treat me, I will tease you. They sometimes apply soap to their door handles and sometimes paint other people's cats. These little pranks often make adults laugh. Of course, most people are very happy to treat these innocent little guests. So the children on Halloween are always full-bodied and full of pockets. We will follow and some old people will give us some candy. 
Halloween has spread to today without any religious superstition. It has become a program for children and a show for young masquerade. 
The society has always been a positive guide to the activities of the festival: the adults are required to educate the children not to make intimidating mischief, and the adults are required to take the children out together and the children to knock on the door to discuss sugar. Adults should ask their children to go to the door where there are holiday decorations and lighted the lights, otherwise they will not bother. In addition, the sugar-supplying process must always stand at the gate and wait for it. It is not allowed to enter the house. The sugar to be recovered must also be checked by the adults before they can be eaten. For those who receive children, they also ask for food that is not made for themselves or for unpackaged food. 
Holidays in public and around the home are voluntary. Grimace pumpkin lights, white net black spiders, etc., are all holiday decorations, and there is no ghostly color. Some female students also end up buying a pair of pumpkins or sneaky earrings to wear at this time. Halloween costumes are also tens of thousands of people, not monotonous ghosts. There are many channels to teach people how to make Halloween costumes. For example, if you make the simplest ghost costume, use a white sheet on your head. Don't forget to buckle two holes to leave your eyes. If you want to play the magician, put on black and black pants and then put on a black hat. And hide a fluffy bunny between the top hat and the top of the head; teach the adults how to dress the child as a little angel, white trousers, and then tie a flashlight on the head from behind; also teach how to dress the children into them Like the cartoon image. Of course, the merchants in the clothing and props industry have more articles to do.
The school is not on holiday on Halloween. Sometimes the school organizes a party, and sometimes the unwilling students will host a small party. The greetings between friends and family will make Halloween a popular custom in October. 
In short, Halloween has become a very common seasonal holiday for Westerners. Many people regard this as the end of autumn and the arrival of winter. As soon as Halloween is over, people begin to look forward to Christmas and even the New Year.

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