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Halloween: Hell!

Halloween: Hell!

I finally confirmed: I saw last Halloween, not a tree, really a ghost! Last Halloween night, my daughter and two other children went to the neighborhood near the elementary school to collect candy (trick or treat). When I received the team, I drove through the road that was necessary to pick up the child every day. I suddenly saw the road on the left side of the road. A tall, black and black figure is moving and swaying. I was shocked - ghost! The car quickly drove past, I want to see it carefully through the mirror, but the surroundings are too dark and I can't see any results. I told the children that I saw ghosts. They didn't see anything. I thought it might be suspicious. When I was picking up the children the next day, I took a few more look at that place and found that there was just a row of big trees, one of which had a straight trunk and the bark was dark, just where I saw the ghost. So I told myself: I must have read it wrong. It is a tree, not a ghost. Every time I pass, I will still think about it - is it a tree or a ghost? Fortunately, I have no dreams about this, and I have not woken up in the middle of the night to wake up. This year's Halloween (fixed every October 31st), and took her daughter to the same community to discuss candy, because the most lively and most interesting there. Walking and walking, I suddenly found someone on the side of the road surrounded by a pile, I do not know what to look at? We took a closer look - it turned out that someone dressed up as a tall ghost walked on the road!


The man put a high prop on his head, and put on a black robe, about 10 feet high, the head eyes will also emit red lights, and the horrible ghosts. A group of children surrounded him and some touched him to make him. A cute child asked, "Can I hug you?" He nodded. I asked: "Can you see it?" He nodded. I ask again: "Can I take a photo?" He nodded. At that time, I suddenly realized that the 'ghost' I saw and suspected last year is not like this? And in the same community, the answer is obvious! However, I didn�t expect to see such a high ghost at that time, and I didn�t see his bright eyes, so I was not sure. It turned out that I didn't have a dazzling look and no doubts. After a year, this doubtful group finally got the truth. I didn't see trees last year, it was a ghost, hahaha!


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The tall ghost walks on the side of the road, in the oval circle, do you see it?

Later, a police car came and reported with a loudspeaker: "Happy Halloween!" Then she stopped to send candy, and everyone was overjoyed and rushed up. Of course we are no exception, and the opportunity is rare.

On that night, some families decorated the home garage into a haunted house, and inserted a sign on the nearby road to guide everyone to visit, so the front of the house was 'frozen.' We certainly didn't miss it. Before I went in, I asked the owner: "Can I take a photo?" She nodded. So I went to the 'big ghost' with the children. I greeted the ghosts while filming: "Hello, hi!" In fact, it is necessary to distract yourself, so that the atmosphere is too scary to scare yourself, haha. The lights inside kept swaying and flickering, and when I entered, I saw something like this -


Here is the video I took. There is a small black and black in the middle that I can't see my fingers. It's because I'm afraid of shaking and holding the camera, hahaha.


Let's take a look at some of the decorations of other people.

The decoration of this house is the same as last year, it is a blown castle haunted house The children must go inside and ask for candy from two ghosts.

There is a pot of water in the courtyard of the house, and some apples float on it. This is called "bobbing for apples". Participants should try to bite the apple on the water with their teeth. This custom is believed to have come from the celebration of the ancient Roman goddess Pomona (the goddess of ancient Roman symbolism).

Some people put out the lights in the house, put a piece of paper on the door, and put candy in front of the door for the children to take. Of course, the children were ecstatic, andthey grabbed it at any time, but they didn�t see anyone taking the whole barrel of candy. It seems that everyone�s cultivation is not bad. This year, only a few of our family members have Halloween decorations. I don�t know whether it�s because of the economic downturn, or because most of the people who moved recently are Asians, and Asians don�t do these things? (But as many Asian children go to candy) Our home is just a simple decoration. I forgot to get the free delivery pumpkin and I spent $3 to buy one. The daughter carved different faces on both sides of the front and back, placed in front of the gate, and placed lights in the evening.

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