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Halloween Event Plan

Halloween has spread to today's festival of children, and it is also a festival for young people's masquerade. It has no religious superstition. In order to let the children feel the culture of the West and experience the joy of the game, combined with the English characteristics of the park, this event plan is specially designed:
Teachers' young children's role changes: all the old corpses (teachers) and the parents who participate in the game should dress up at home to participate in the event. Such as: Harry Potter, Snow White, Mickey, Elf, Ghost, Zombie, etc.
First, the activity target:
1. Let the children know the international cultural color and feel the exotic customs.
2. Let the children learn English and speak English happily in the game.
Second, the event time:
October 29, 2018, 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Game venue arrangement: classrooms
Third, the event preparation:
1, candy, children wearing ghost costumes (vampires, witches, ghosts, monsters, baboons, pumpkin dolls), witches, etc.;
2, the park created some Halloween environment, making some bats, pumpkin lights, ghosts.
1. Invite the children to familiarize themselves with the characters in the game in advance, reduce the fear in the game activities, and familiarize themselves with the characters in English and the corresponding sentences.
2. Familiar with the poem "Trick or treat".
activity procedure:
Before the activity, let the children familiar with the ghost characters, play the theme songs during the game, and let the children play happily and easily. Classes can use the end of the month to carry out some manual activities and games, such as making pumpkin lights, ghost eyes, hats and so on.

Fourth, the game activities: (9:00-10:00)

Activity 1: Fighting monsters (5-6 years old)

Objective: To train children's hand-eye coordination and improve children's competitive consciousness

Preparation: several balls, two large baskets

How to play: The teacher can prepare two baskets in advance, respectively, and paste the appearance of the monsters, grouping them, and ask the children to throw the ball to the monsters, hit the monsters, and finally see which group of children lose the most table tennis.

Activity 2: Biting Apple (4-5 years old)

Prepare: Apple, face

How to play: During the game, people let the apples float in the basin filled with water, and then (group) let the children bite the apples with their mouths without hands. Whoever bites first, who is the winner.

Activity 3: Blowing flour (3-4 years old)

Preparation: flour, 10 small bowls, table tennis, clear eye mask

How to play: Fill the small bowl with flour in advance, put the ball in the first bowl, and divide it into two groups.

Candy (10:00-11:00)

After the music sounds, it is ready to play candy games. Teachers of all classes must organize carefully and proceed in an orderly manner.

In the classroom, the teacher closes the lights and leaves the curtains in advance, and the children in this class dress up as ghosts, hide them, the teacher takes the candy, and the other children in the class dress up as a little devil to discuss the sugar, but when the candy is asked, the child wants Say the last sentence "Trick or treat", the teacher can give the sugar to the children.

Halloween related terms:

Children must be able to discuss candy poems:

Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Don't give sugar. Smell my feet. Smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Give me some delicious!

Happy halloween Happy Halloween!

Halloween English vocabulary:

Ghost Ghost Witch Witch Vampire Vampire Pumpkin Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern Pumpkin Light Bat Bat Trick or treat Don't give a quail egg Halloween Halloween spider spider.

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