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5 things that happen when you wash your bra too seldom

10:20 AM
Finally clarified: So often you can wear your bra before your skin protests - in the video you can see what can happen in the worst case!
How often do you have to change the bra?  Woman in bra is standing in front of the mirror

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But how long is too long? "A bra should be washed at least once a week,"said Dr. Anne Boulet, Dermatologist from Berlin. Of course, this also depends heavily on the degree of contamination. A sports bra should be washed immediately if it is sweaty - but at the latest after it has been worn three times. 

Of course, you can always wear a bra "one last time" until it comes to the laundry. But then it will eventually be unpleasant. 

See for yourself - it all happens when you postpone the bra change too long!

1. Your nipples get a rubdown

If you spend too much time changing your bra, you'll soon understand why marathon runners prefer to tap the breasts: if too much moisture accumulates between your underwear and sensitive skin, it will cause a frictional effect. Every step, every move feels like someone is stroking your nipples with sandpaper. Do not have to be, right?

2. Your skin becomes inflamed

Wound-rubbed skin is not the only problem - in a bra, as in any piece of underwear , sweat and bacteria accumulate over time. And bacteria are extremely happy about warm, moist, sore rubbed skin and make it really cozy. Especially under the breasts, it can be really painful. In this area even threatens fungal attack. "In that case you not only have to wash more frequently, but also use disinfectants at a wash temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius", Dr. Boulet.

3. You get acne where you do not want it

Not convinced yet? The inflammations can be wonderfully increased. Especially sports underwear, which rubs particularly strong against your skin by more movement, makes the skin prone to rash. And pimples on shoulders and chest can permanently ruin your good mood. "Anyone who tends to sweat under the bra should perhaps wear compresses or change to cotton bras," Dr. Boulet.

4. stains. So many spots.

Pretty much everyone knows the problem when T-shirts get stained yellow under the sleeves over time due to the deodorant on the body. This is not better for a bra - the longer it is worn without a wash break, the more prominent the spots become. The problem can theoretically be avoided if you do without deodorant - but that is not advisable, especially if you are so comfortable in type that you do not wash your bra for weeks. What brings us to the last point ...

5. Your bra starts to smell and transfers the scent to your outfit

Yes, we have to say it so directly: Like every piece of laundry, a bra starts to stink at some point. This can be masked for a while with discreet perfume splashes, but the smell really can not be hidden. And because the bra rubs so beautifully on the other garments on the upper body, spreads this fragrance brand quickly. It does not help a charming smile: At the point where other people look irritated and at a distance, it is definitely too late. 

Therefore: Better to wear the bra after three or four times in the washing machine. After all, even a bra is part of the underwear - and stockings and pants wear no man for days, without switching, right?
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2009 to 2019

8:29 AM

2009 to 2019 2009 to 2019 Reviewed by kanwal pro on 8:29 AM Rating: 5

What people think when they hear I have a 150lb Great Dane

8:07 AM

What people think when they hear I have a 150lb Great Dane What people think when they hear I have a 150lb Great Dane Reviewed by kanwal pro on 8:07 AM Rating: 5

Too much beauty in one picture

7:29 AM

Too much beauty in one picture Too much beauty in one picture Reviewed by kanwal pro on 7:29 AM Rating: 5

Just finished this beauty

7:26 AM

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Lipstick Trends 2019: These colors are on our lips this year

7:35 AM
Which lipstick trends are in fashion in 2019 - and which phrases we prefer to wear on the lips, we'll tell you here.
Lipstick Trends 2019: Woman with coral-colored lip gloss
The beauty of trends is that they are always changing. Of course it's up to us whether we want to join them or not, but they are still a great inspiration if we want to change our look a bit. There are also trends in beauty that we will see and love in 2019. Let's start with the lips: we'll reveal the lipstick trends for 2019.


Some of you may already have noticed: lip gloss is back. And with the trend also many new and innovative products. If you do not like Gloss because it sticks your lips together, you'll probably be taught a lesson this year. Because new textures and colors ensure that lip gloss gets a whole new meaning for us. You can wear the gloss either solo, with a lip liner or even over your favorite lipstick. You will see, glossy lips make your look look much fresher. 

The new Nude

Nude colors have long been indispensable. We do not want to. But this year we are not only wearing the subtle nude notes on the lips, but the colors are a bit stronger and a bit darker. We have already seen both variants on the catwalks - and they look absolutely natural. They match every eye make-up, whether strong or soft. Our tip for Nudetöne: Make sure that the tone is NOT lighter than your skin tone under any circumstances. Otherwise you look like the death on pines. Seriously ... 

3D lips

We all want full lips. And every second one of us has already tried various Lip-Plumper. Without success. Plumping products are not the key to full lips, but the technology. 3d lips use different products and technique to make your lips look fuller. Always use a tone on your lower lip that is slightly lighter and cooler than the one on the upper lip. Then apply a gloss (or lip plumper) on both lips so it does not look like you're wearing lots of lipstick. Of course, the whole thing works best with nude and rosewood tones. Incidentally, the combination of the three products is extremely important for the look - so the lip gets more dimension. 


The 80s are back! And with them the neon colors on our lips. Okay, let's just say, we're not talking about neon yellow or green now, but rather glowing, gaudy tones like pink, red or orange. By the way, you can wear these tones to a simple make-up with eyeliner and mascara, or you can choose similar tones for the eye make-up, which match your lipstick. But please do not be so loud here. Otherwise the look will be just too intense. Unless you want that. 

Living Coral

What would be the year 2019 without wearing the trend color of the year on the lips? Right: only half as nice! Summery, fresh and lively, the coral tone looks great on the lips - exactly what we want in spring and summer. Of course you can choose stronger or more subtle tones here. Depending on whether you like bright colors. You can also play with the textures. It may be dull, glossy or creamy. Also Lipbalm is a great alternative in everyday life to wear the trend color. Important for extreme colors: Always apply a lip liner underneath. 

Lipstick Trends 2019: These colors are on our lips this year Lipstick Trends 2019: These colors are on our lips this year Reviewed by kanwal pro on 7:35 AM Rating: 5

50 Best Cute Love Quotes,Romance And Friendship

8:29 AM

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50 Best Cute Love Quotes,Romance And Friendship 50 Best Cute Love Quotes,Romance And Friendship Reviewed by kanwal pro on 8:29 AM Rating: 5


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