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Finally GOOD NEWS For Roman Reigns Fans ! Doctors roman reigns come back soon

8:40 AM
Finally GOOD NEWS For Roman Reigns Fans ! Doctors roman reigns come back soon

Finally GOOD NEWS For Roman Reigns Fans ! Doctors roman reigns come back soon Finally GOOD NEWS For Roman Reigns Fans ! Doctors roman reigns come back soon Reviewed by kanwal pro on 8:40 AM Rating: 5

Librairie L'amour qui bouquine - Beautiful Erotic Illustrated Books -2019

6:58 AM

only 18+

Curiosa: At the time of the judges by Pierre Louÿs (1933). Edition clandestine drawn small and beautifully illustrated 12 erotic etchings in colors attributed to André Collot. Copy with continuation.

Pierre LOUYS - André COLLOT, illustrator

IN THE TIME OF THE JUDGES. Biblical songs of PL

At the expense of an amateur, 1933

1 volume in-4 (24.5 x 20 cm), paperback, 60- (1) pages. 12 etchings in off-text colors and 28 banners (not free) printed in blue. Text printed in black in large font in a blue net frame. Blue velvet blanket adorned on the first dish of a silver sphynge with a naked woman lying on it. Silver cardboard case (slight wear). Excellent state of the volume.



In addition, 20 copies were made with original watercolor, sketches and inked copper used in the draw.

Engravings are attributed to André Collot. They are extremely fine and the coloring is very successful. Beautiful illustration almost "biblical".

Reference: Dutel, Bibliography of erotic works published clandestinely in French between 1920 and 1970 , n ° 1059; Pia, The Books of Hell , 100.


SOLD - Price: 950 euros

Librairie L'amour qui bouquine - Beautiful Erotic Illustrated Books -2019  Librairie L'amour qui bouquine - Beautiful Erotic Illustrated Books -2019 Reviewed by kanwal pro on 6:58 AM Rating: 5

Roman Reigns hospital Cancer Final Condition Doctor Says 2018

6:10 AM

Roman Reigns hospital Cancer Final Condition Doctor Says 2018

WWE star Roman Reigns is stepping out of the ring to treat his leukemia, but when will he be back? A blood cancer specialist EXCLUSIVELY answered that question to HL. It was painful to watch Roman Reigns, 33, place his WWE Universal Championship belt on the mat during Monday Night Raw on Oct. 22. The wrestling superstar renounced his title after revealing the return of his leukemia, which had been in remission since 2008. What else will Roman, whose real name is Joe Anoaʻi, have to sacrifice during his fight against the blood cell cancer? Dr. Joseph Alvarnas, a doctor and administrator who specializes in leukemia and other blood cancers at City of Hope, a clinical research center in California, spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife to discuss the different types of leukemia and how they’d affect Roman’s career. Here’s how long you may have to wait until Roman can win back his relinquished title.
Roman Reigns hospital Cancer Final Condition Doctor Says 2018 Roman Reigns hospital Cancer Final Condition Doctor Says 2018 Reviewed by kanwal pro on 6:10 AM Rating: 5

13 Halloween Fashion Ideas 2019

5:16 AM
13 Halloween Fashion Ideas 2019

Ten years ago, probably, no one would have believed that Halloween would one day become one of the most popular holidays - its theme seemed too specific and unusual. But now it is celebrated quite widely - club youth parties take place somewhere, and even corporate parties somewhere. Halloween 2018 must be bright and memorable - it is not by chance that so many wonderful ideas have been invented for it.
Still, you can turn this holiday into a stunningly beautiful sight, and not reduce it to the level of a base nightmare. Elegant interior design, creative holiday menu, tastefully selected makeup and manicure - and a good mood at the party will be provided to all.
Do you think how to surprise your friends and acquaintances? Take on ideas from our collection - especially for Halloween 2018.

1. Festive table

Banal recipes like sausages in puff pastry, "disguised" under the mummies, we are not interested. Let's try to cook something not beaten, tasty and really festive. And the design of the table on Halloween is also of great importance.

Cheese spicy pumpkin. For her, prepare a plastic mixture of finely grated hard cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. Last you need to take quite a bit - just enough so that the cheese mass becomes soft, pliable and similar to clay. You will also need a small piece of bright orange pumpkin or carrot. It is boiled and kneaded with a fork to a pureed state, and then added to the cheese mixture. Optionally, you can add paprika, ground black pepper, finely chopped spicy greens - in general, everything that will make the snack more savory. The mixture is tightly tied into a knot of linen cloth, give it a rounded and slightly flattened shape, like a pumpkin. Clean in the fridge for 10-12 hours. Before serving with a knife, characteristic vertical stripes are applied to the cheese “pumpkin” and stick with a “tail” of smoked cheese.

Cheese "panicles". Brilliant in its simplicity idea. For its implementation, you will need two types of cheese - smoked (with chopsticks) and filamentous. How to make such panicles, you probably figure it out, having considered the photo. They can be tied up with arrows of green onions, pre-cut along the narrow “ribbons”.

"Jolly Jack" from a bottle with a fan. However, not only fanta, but also any other non-alcoholic orange drink will do. Pour it into a big bottle - it's better if it is “patency”. And you make a funny and mischievous face with the help of applications - you cut out some simple details (eyes, nose, smiling mouth) from black colored paper or self-adhesive film. Great, right?

"Big-eyed" disposable cups. And this is just an addition to the previous chip. It would be nice if the cups were as orange as fanta. But, in extreme cases, the usual white ones will do. Eyes can be bought in stores for needlework - they are sold there for soft toys, and they cost a penny. Glue the eyes to the cups with drops of superglue.

Design and decor of the interior

Gothic chandelier. Rummage in attics and in semi-abandoned closets - what if there is an old, long-out of fashion crystal chandelier? Ruthlessly tear off all the glass from it - you only need a frame with bulbs for bulbs. Paint it black. Pick up a few leafless branches and paint them in a radical black, too, attach them to the chandelier with wire or glue.

Gauze web. It can be hung anywhere: on table lamps, clocks, bookshelves, window cornices. It is advisable to wash gauze or simply rinse it in a washing machine so that it takes on a shabby look, pull threads out of it in some places and paint it with black or gray paint for fabric. Another option: dilute the usual black stationery ink with a ratio of 2: 1 (into 2 parts of water - 1 part of the ink), put on rubber gloves, immerse a piece of gauze in the black solution, and squeeze it out after half an hour and hang it to dry. You will have a realistic web, like from a horror movie.

"Leopard" pumpkin. Leopard print this fall is in great fashion. Designers decorate their clothes, shoes, accessories, interior items. Why not make a pumpkin for Halloween 2018 a leopard? Moreover, it is quite simple: a self-adhesive film is taken and cut into small squares with a side from 5 to 10 cm, depending on the size of the pumpkin itself. Then these squares are randomly glued to the surface of the “Queen of Halloween”, trying not to leave empty space between them. No adhesive tape? Ordinary acrylic paints will do. After all, leopard spots are easy to draw, even an aspiring artist will cope with them. True, the pumpkin after such a coloring can not be eaten, but the beauty and glamor require sacrifice.

"Witches shoe". Any old women's boot with a high ankle and lacing will fit. Black is preferred. But if your shoe turned brown or dark blue, do not be upset: just toned it with black shoe polish. Decorate the shoe with handmade crocheted lace, various-sized buttons, vintage yellowed clippings from magazines and newspapers, small artificial flowers. In the leg, too, insert a bouquet of artificial flowers, pre-painted with black ink. Such an “accessory” is hung on the wall, door or just put on the shelf.

The Witch's Mirror. And again, an example of how to make a stylish decoration for the Halloween interior literally out of junk material. The older and dimmer the mirror, the better. And decorate the frame with mossy branches, gauze cobwebs and dry leaves, which, for the “purity of the experiment,” can also be tinted with black ink. But, if you leave them yellow or red, then nothing terrible - on the contrary, the frame of the mirror will play with lively colors.

"Polyglade". In fact, this is just a wall wreath, consisting of many small balloons. Each of these balls simulates an eyeball. Instead of a pupil, accessories for soft toys are attached to it.

"Iron" apples. We need apples of two contrasting colors - bright red and green, steppler and an extraordinary fantasy. This is quite a modest set is enough to impress others. Cut the apples into halves and stack in pairs of red and green. Then pick up the steppler and fix them with each other. In principle, such apples can even be eaten, just do not swallow the piece of iron when you bite off a piece.

Makeup and manicure

Wonder Yudo from a parallel world. Instead of the usual make-up with artificial “bruises” and “bruises” for the Halloween party, it is better to make such an unusual make-up - again with the help of a peephole for soft toys. Glue them directly to the skin with medical adhesive BF-6. However, it is not very convenient to talk, smile, eat and drink with such “armor” on the face. But in order to scare others, it is worth trying.

Demonic french "Yes, this is the usual French manicure!" - You will say, looking at the photo. And you will be absolutely right. That he is - a universal and always current French, only with a bias in the theme of Halloween. Elegant and simple. And the trends are consistent.
13 Halloween Fashion Ideas 2019 13 Halloween Fashion Ideas 2019 Reviewed by kanwal pro on 5:16 AM Rating: 5

DPD: 6 in custody -- 3 connected to quadruple Halloween shooting -- after Detroit shootout, standoff

8:48 AM

Officials say 5 children safe after situation on Detroit's east side

DETROIT - Detroit police said six people were taken into custody Thursday -- three in connection with the shooting of four teenagers on Halloween -- after investigators witnessed a shootout between two groups and negotiated out of a barricade situation on the city's east side.

Investigators witness shootout
DPD Deputy Chief Elvin Barren said officers were in the 12000 block of Duchess Street near Moross Road around 12:30 p.m. Thursday for a follow-up investigation into a quadruple shooting on Halloween. Three teenagers were injured and a 15-year-old was killed in the shooting, which took place inside a home on Longholm Street on the city's east side.

A 15-year-old boy and 16-year-old boy were taken to a hospital in serious condition, and another 16-year-old boy was transported in temporary serious condition.

Police named Antonio Hubbard as a suspect. They were looking for him and another unknown man in connection with the shooting.

While officials were investigating Thursday, a shootout took place between two groups in the 12000 block of Duchess Street, Barren said. The shootout started inside the home, so police said the groups were all connected in some fashion.

Barricade situation

Some of the people involved in the shootout fled the location, so police called for backup and set up a perimeter around the neighborhood, Barren said. Police treated it as a barricade situation, announcing that there were "multiple armed suspects" in the area and asking residents to stay clear.

DPD: 6 in custody -- 3 connected to quadruple Halloween shooting -- after Detroit shootout, standoff DPD: 6 in custody -- 3 connected to quadruple Halloween shooting -- after Detroit shootout, standoff Reviewed by kanwal pro on 8:48 AM Rating: 5

11-year-old North Carolina child faces felony charges for allegedly putting needles in Halloween candy

8:26 AM
11-year-old North Carolina child faces felony charges for allegedly putting needles in Halloween candy

An 11-year-old child is facing felony charges for allegedly putting sewing needles in Halloween candy, according to a news release from the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office.

Heidi Klum Halloween costume wins Halloween once again Princess Fiona from Shrek for Halloween

On Halloween, deputies came to a home after a 12-year-old child suffered minor injuries while eating a Snickers bar with a sewing needle in it.
The victim had been celebrating Halloween and was trick-or-treating in the Grace Ridge subdivision.
A search of the child’s candy revealed a second needle in another Snickers bar.
On Nov. 1, a second family reported finding a sewing needle inside a Snickers bar. They had been trick-or-treating in the Grace Ridge subdivision as well.
Following an investigation, an 11-year-old was identified as the suspect. The child visits relatives in the Grace Ridge area, the sheriff’s office said.
Felony charges were brought against the child through juvenile court. The child is charged with distribution of certain food at Halloween containing foreign objects.
The needles were inserted into the candy through the wrappers and would be very difficult to detect, the sheriff’s office said.
The child has been sent for a mental evaluation before court proceedings begin.
I distinctly remember the look on my husband’s face when I told him how I celebrated Halloween growing up. I was the kid who went to the “fall festival” at my church and my only options for costumes were women in the Bible. “Should I be Mary or Martha? Ruth or Esther?” Those were my options, and honestly, I didn’t mind much. I got to dress up, I bobbed for apples and ran through corn mazes with my best friends and I came home with just enough candy to get a week-long stomach ache, just like every other kid on my street.
As I entered my teenage years, my parents set me free to dress up as non-Biblical characters and run around the neighborhood rather than the fall-festival, recognizing that I was not going to confuse trick-or-treating for worshipping Satan. And in the end, I think most people would say I turned out OK. Meanwhile, I have really fond memories of the fall festival, even as my husband still gets a good laugh from trying to envision me dressed us as Esther for Halloween.
When we had children of our own, we chose to do it differently. We’ve allowed our boys, who range in age from 2 to 14, to enjoy Halloween like the rest of the neighborhood. They dress up in ridiculous costumes, ring the neighbor’s doorbells with friends and eat entirely too much candy.
We aren’t celebrating evil. In fact, we carry the light of Christ with us on Easter just as much as we do on Halloween. But here’s the funny thing I’ve found among Christian parents in particular. We’ve gotten good at judging what one another does for Halloween. Those who feel firmly that Halloween shouldn’t be celebrated gasp at those who allow their kids to partake in the festivities. And those who allow their kids to partake in dressing up and trick-or-treating enjoy poking fun at those who would prefer to wear Biblical costumes.
So I can’t help but wonder what difference could we make as Christian parents if we simply chose to proceed in love and without casting stones?
Several years ago when, I will confess, I was actually beginning to feel guilty for letting my kids participate in Halloween due to much of what I was hearing and reading in the Christian world about why they shouldn’t trick-or-treat. I read an article from a friend, and fellow author, Jessica Thompson, that brought much relief to my unnecessary burden.
She wrote, "But I am calling to all moms out there to remember for just a couple minutes that your standing before God doesn’t change depending on what you do on October 31. To be honest, it doesn’t change no matter what you do any day of the year. You could throw the biggest block party, and hundreds of people could get saved because of the light you were to your community – and God loves you exactly the same way he loves the other parent who listened to the convictions of their hearts and stayed home. So can we please remember that we are all made righteous before God because of the work of Christ? And can we please stop trying to find our righteousness in our own traditions?”
So there you have it. The pressure to make the perfect decision about Halloween is off. You are free to shine the light of Christ wherever you find yourself on this All Saints Eve.
11-year-old North Carolina child faces felony charges for allegedly putting needles in Halloween candy 11-year-old North Carolina child faces felony charges for allegedly putting needles in Halloween candy Reviewed by kanwal pro on 8:26 AM Rating: 5

Teachers in border wall Halloween costumes put on leave

8:14 AM

MIDDLETON, Idaho (AP) - Employees at an Idaho school district who donned Halloween costumes depicting Mexican people and a border wall emblazoned with "Make America Great Again" have been placed on administrative leave.
The Idaho Statesman reports that Middleton School District superintendent Josh Middleton announced the decision Saturday at a special school board meeting.
It's not clear how many staff members are involved or whether it's paid or unpaid leave. After the announcement, the board went into executive session, which is not open to the public.
The costumes were worn during class. Photos were posted to the district's Facebook page Thursday night and later removed, but screenshots captured the images that went viral.
Middleton is about 34 miles west of Boise, with 7,500 residents. The school district offers a migrant education program.
Teachers in border wall Halloween costumes put on leave Teachers in border wall Halloween costumes put on leave Reviewed by kanwal pro on 8:14 AM Rating: 5


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